SEAVURIA kids from Taita travel to Kenyan Science Congress

Taita Students go to Kenyan Science Congress

This has been a very exciting last couple of months.

The students in Taita gathered data from their community.  They provided video interviews and stories from the community illustrating the direct impact of various global health issues.  Taita teachers journeyed to the city of Voi (a 90 minute drive) to post this information at an internet cafe.

The students in Seattle completed their research, collaborated with their scientist mentors and drew the elements of the project together in a final PowerPoint presentation.

Those PowerPoints were mailed on thumb drives to Taita but never arrived.  After some good advice from colleagues, I posted all PowerPoint presentations to DropBox.  Stephen, faithful and true, traveled to Voi to download these documents.  Five presentations took 5 hours to download, and he had to send a colleague the next day to retrieve the remaining 6.  He also downloaded all of the attached research papers written by the Seattle students.

After careful review of the projects, Stephen and I saw the value of sending all 42 Taita students and their 8 teachers along with Sr. Monica to Lamu Island for the Kenyan Science Congress–a feat that would cost $2500 US dollars.  This project has been blessed because donations in the amount of $2300 had been deposited by the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research.  Theresa donated $100, and I put in the rest.  Stephen made all of the arrangements to hire a bus, pay for fees, food and lodging. The Taita teams were on their way.

Here are quotes from some of the Taita partners:

Sr. Monica

“My Manosi,

I am just lost for words! At the beginning I thought it was only for the teachers and students involved in the SeaVuria project, which was
quite ok with me. And then it turned out that they were going to include me, to accompany the team! Manosi, I cannot thank you and your collaborators enough. My prayers do accompany you and I am sure this generous God of ours will reward you in abundance. We had a wonderful trip- an all day journey. Our presence at the Congress offered our students the exposure, an opportunity to interact with others, to exhibit, to broaden their minds, and to learn. We arrived back last night at 9.00pm, exhausted but very content. Stephen has been great, soft spoken but determined. I salute him! I am sure he will tell you more using the scientific language and terms, that will give you the real picture.

With all my love,
Sr. M.”

From Ann Mwakio:

“hi manosi

we in mwakiwiwi  we are very grateful for your support so far. the students appreciated the powerpoint slides and the information as a whole. this project has really acted as an eye opener to them and they are now seeing the world differently in their academics. they are even looking forward to more activities and carry out more projects and researches. in their call to action they have planned to present the information to the mwakiwiwi community in mid june during the school prize giving day

thank you very much and may god give you the strength you need.


From Annah Mwatika

“Hi Manosi!(tb research group).we’re so greatful for sponsoring our science congress team.God Bless you. For our patnering students,they
sh’d have confidence during their presentation tomorrow and also they sh’d present the same during school’s parents’ day”

From Stephen Mutuku:

” ….thanks for everything you did to facilitate our trip.  It was both  learning experience and a lot of fun. Our school was position 2 out of 131 schools that participated.  We have six girls who are proceeding for nationals from Bura. Two of the girls are members of SeaVuria (i.e Honorina T. and Cynthia M.).  They were making rubber from Euphorbia escalatina. We acknowledge each and every one who made it a success. God bless all.”