Scholarship Event

Scholarship Event


My name is Arianna. My close friends and I started a science club in our freshmen year called PETRI (Philanthropy, Education, Teaching, Research and Involvement) to encourage interest in science at our school.  The “P” spoke to me, and I decided I wanted to act on the philanthropy part of our mission.  I wanted to provide scholarships to girls my age in a developing country.  When I heard about the Kenyan schools involved in SeaVuria, I decided to partner with SeaVuria to find girls in need of scholarships.  My friends and I are sincerely passionate about helping girls in Kenya make their dreams come true through education.  We are teenagers too, so we understand the struggles of becoming a young adult.  We too face challenges growing up and learning our place in the world, and that is why we want to support those who don’t have the same economic advantages that we do.

We are offering to help financially support the education of a few girls so they can become doctors, lawyers, athletes, or anything they dream of becoming. We want to help because just like them, we have hopes and dreams for our future and believe education will give us those opportunities. In exchange for our financial support, we are asking for friendship.  We really want to get to know these girls in Kenya! We are curious and interested and would love to hear their stories. We want to make this journey with them so we can build a relationship and continue to share our stories.  We hope that someday we may possibly meet in person! J  We are asking out scholarship recipients, to communicate with us at least once per term to tell us more about themselves and let us know how the scholarship is making a difference for them.

I also want to tell you a little bit about the name of this scholarship.  Last year, I met an inspirational Kenyan woman, Gladys Keitany, here in Seattle who has a PhD and is researching a cure for malaria. Gladys was the first speaker for our PETRI club at our school.  Over 150 of our fellow students came to hear Gladys speak during lunch one day. I was inspired by Gladys’ story. The scholarship is named after Gladys’ mom, Philomena Kimoi who passed away last year.  Mrs. Kimoi lived in a small village just outside Eldoret, Kenya. Although Philomena never stepped into a classroom herself, she was determined to educate her children because she understood that education would pave a way for her children to have a better life. Her hard work has been rewarded with three of her children graduating from college, with one daughter with a doctorate degree in public health and two others currently in college.  Despite the fact she didn’t have much when in comes to material things, Philomena believed in helping others and sharing the little that she had.

We too want to help others and share our blessing that is why we are raising money for scholarships.  We are excited to review the scholarship applications and look forward to building a relationship with girls in Kenya over the years.

I would like to share a story of one of the girls in Kenya: A Story of a Kenyan Girl