Applicant Criteria

Applicant Criteria

SeaVuria plans to publicize its scholarship program in the communities of Eldoret and Taita, Kenya.  We will announce the scholarships in the schools of those communities, host community meetings, ask teachers to encourage promising girls to apply and request the leadership in those communities to supply names of qualified students to the schools.

The application communicates specific criteria used to determine who is eligible. The criteria are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a girl.
  • The applicant must have strong academic standing. The school principal will provide evidence of the applicant’s academic standing.  The committee will also evaluate a writing sample provided by the applicant.
  • The applicant must have need of outside financial assistance.
  • A Kenyan representative must do a home visit to document the applicant’s financial need.
  • During the home visit the Kenyan representative will conduct a brief interview on behalf of the scholarship committee.
  • The parents will provide information about their livelihood and income.  The family will also provide a family profile indicating who lives in the household.
  • The girl must meet certain academic criteria: She must receive high marks in school.  She must have passed her national exam.  Documentation of these criteria will be provided to the scholarship committee by the applicant’s school.
  • The applicant must write an essay stating why she should be considered for the scholarship.  We will score the essays of finalists using a common rubric.
  • The applicant must ask for and provide two recommendations; one must be from a teacher.
  • To continue the scholarship award for four years, the applicant must maintain her grades. Her grades will be sent to the scholarship committee each year for review before the next year’s scholarship money is released.
  • The awardee must promise to write to the girls who provided the scholarship quarterly to provide information about the impact of the scholarship and to build a friendship.

The number of grants will be determined by the funds available. Last year we provided scholarships for 16 girls to attend high school for a year. Grants will be renewed after the scholarship committee reviews the student’s quarterly grades.

Two members of the Scholarship Committee reside in Kenya. They will supervise the scholarships through site visits.  They will also communicate with the schools to ensure we receive quarterly grade reports.  Tuition, book money, and room and board will be mailed directly to the school after the grades have been reviewed.