Life Straw Petition

Life Straw Petition

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by Diana Greenaway

I am a junior at Cleveland High School in Seattle Washington. During the last fours weeks of school of my sophomore year, I was involved in the SeaVuria project titled, “Who has the right to clean water?”  We partnered with students in poor rural Kenya to learn about their water issues as well as learning about our local water issues.  As a conclusion to what we learned we had to come up with a “Call to Action” which is a way of incorporating what we learned and giving students a way of actually making a change.

Because we partnered with three schools in Taita, Kenya we learn how important water is and how we can help to give people in third world countries better access to clean water. I learned that my partners’ water was compromised and they often were ill and missed school because of the unclean water.  I wanted to do something to help these students. During my project research I came across the LifeStraw and learned that is can clean 99% of all water even from a very unclean water source and it is easy to use. My “Call to Action” was a petition to have LifeStraws sent to each of the students in Taita, Kenya so they could have an easy way of filtering their water.  LifeStraw has promised to sell their device to me at a discounted price.  I would like to earn enough money to send straws to all of my 120 partners.  Will you help support my campaign?

You can learn more about my petition by watching my video here:  Diana’s LifeStraw Petition