About Us


SeaVuria is a 501c3 dedicated to connecting students and teachers across the globe, striving to create global awareness and sustainable partnerships.

Using STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curricula collaboratively designed by teachers, SeaVuria engages students in the Seattle-area and Kenya in synchronous studies designed to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Global health scientists mentor students over the web, offering career information and cutting edge science ideas.

Technological tools afford us opportunities to connect and engage young people in discussions about important global issues. They learn from one another, serve as role models for one another, and realize opportunities. From here, they are inspired to take action.

For Students:

  • Develop global competencies
  • Create a global citizenry of empathetic youth
  • Increase awareness of science, technology, math (STEM) careers needed in the STEM workforce
  • Encourage girls to participate in STEM
  • Demonstrate analytic reasoning skills needed for STEM careers
  • Improve attitudes toward STEM learning

Methods and Innovation: Students across the globe collaborate, conduct experiments and share stories to learn about the realities of global issues. Through the design of their “call to action,” students will demonstrate reasoning skills and show enthusiasm for the power of science in solving global problems.

For High School Teachers:DSCN3493

  • Increase STEM content knowledge
  • Increase awareness of STEM careers
  • Enhanced problem-based and analytic reasoning instructional skills
  • Enhanced proficiency in curriculum development and pedagogy
  • Increased use of powerful, authentic, formative assessment strategies
  • Increased job satisfaction through cooperation in a Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  • Develop an awareness of educational issues across the globe

Methods and Innovation: Teachers will appreciate the power of collaborating with their peers locally and abroad to develop engaging lessons and strong assessment strategies to engage students in relevant global issues.

For STEM partner organizations, scientists:

  • Increase interaction with and support for KE and Sea HS teachers and students through active and enthusiastic participation in a PLC and partnership.
  • To appreciate the power of their role in the education of youth.

Methods and Innovation: Scientists and engineers will serve as partners consulting with teachers to develop lessons as a member of a PLC. Through their interactions with students and teachers they will share ideas about careers and content and thus see the impact and power of their partnership in the lives of the students and teachers.