In November 2008, MaryMargaret Welch and three other delegates from Eastside Catholic School in Seattle traveled to Bamba, Kenya to set up a sister school partnership. During this life changing trip, they met brilliant children filled with hope and devoted teachers wanting to provide the best education for their students but limited by lack of opportunity and circumstance.

Ms. Welch and her team signed a covenant of understanding with these schools, promising to build a brighter tomorrow with them. They spoke with teachers, exchanging ideas on how to better engage students beyond traditional didactic methods in order to address low math and science scores on national exams.

Fellow SeaVuria co-founder Fr. Wilybard Lagho of Kenya and Ms. Welch met again in September 2009 to plan a collaborative learning opportunity for Kenyan and Seattle high school students. This later became the SeaVuria Project.

The SeaVuria Project promotes global awareness through science and technology, putting students and teachers from Seattle and Kenya in touch with each other. Teachers work together to develop curriculum to better engage their students in science while attending to the standards of their respective communities. Meanwhile, students communicate via the web to collaborate on projects addressing global issues through the sharing of data, ideas, and inspiration.

Today 10 schools from Kenya and 8 schools from the Seattle area collaborate and engage their students in numerous science and social justice projects seeking solutions for, but not limited to, water quality, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and women’s reproductive health.