Internet Initiative



At the heart of SeaVuria’s mission to engage students through the sciences and raise global awareness is the connection of schools in the Seattle-area to schools in Kenya. Over the course of numerous projects, students and teachers from Seattle and Kenya communicated and shared ideas, data, and inspiration through email.

Students begin their partnerships with digital storytelling, giving each other an inside look at the circumstances of their community and their cultures and a day-in-the-life of living in Seattle and Kenya respectively. From there students launch into science lab investigations, looking at global health issues, such as access to quality water and analyzing water footprints, and exchange data tables. Students in Seattle are able to further support their Kenyan student partners through sending research materials and notes from SeaVuria’s partnering scientists, covering for the Kenyan students’ unreliable access to a fast and reliable internet connection.

After the completion of their projects, students walk away not just with a better understanding of science concepts but with a better sense of global issues and belonging to a global community.

Learn how you can help Kenyan students accelerate their learning through SeaVuria’s project to provide access to faster, more reliable internet!  SeaVuria Internet Connectivity


Learn what our partners say about the importance of Internet Connectivity. This from teacher Christopher Kisilu: