Science Projects


21st century students must experience globally-oriented learning since theirs’ is a global society. Our youth are our promise for tomorrow, but their socio-economic status limits their prospects; but their participation is essential.  The Governors’ Global Competitiveness Council declared, “WA State must improve and strengthen its educational system to be competitive on a global basis.  Education is a fundamental investment that can yield significant returns for citizenry, economy, and global standing.”

Global perspective is achieved when students personally collaborate with global partners in meaningful projects.  Our project engages students in curriculum about important world issues, mentored by professionals tackling these issues with initiative.  In this way, students are inspired to make their world a better place.

  • SeaVuria’s Classroom Projects encourage students to investigate scientific questions relevant to global issues.  These class projects are designed by Seattle-area and Kenyan teachers in collaboration, utilizing their local science standards while also encouraging students to learn from one another.

We hope to continue fostering collaborative learning that transcends global boundaries by creating more annual projects.