Our History:

In November of 2008, SeaVuria’s founder, MaryMargaret Welch, and three other delegates from Eastside Catholic School in Seattle, traveled to Bamba, Kenya to set up a sister school partnership. During this trip they were met with enthusiastic children and devoted teachers, each longing for a quality education, but limited by circumstance. For many students, financial and family constraints limited access to a full education; for teachers, the cultural norm of didactic teaching methods hindered student engagement, specifically impacting math and science scores on national exams.

MaryMargaret and her team signed a covenant of understanding
with these schools, promising to build a partnership of educational opportunities for the students and teachers of Kenya, while enlisting local high school students and teachers of Seattle to be a part of the collaboration. The result of this promise is SeaVuria; named by the students of Kenya as a reflection of the partnership between Seattle (Sea) and the landmark hill of their region, Vuria.

Today, SeaVuria  promotes STEM education by organizing learning cooperatives of students and teachers from Seattle and Kenya, and creating projects relevant to current global issues that run simultaneously here and abroad. We work together with teachers to develop standards-based curricula and technology resources to better engage students in science, engineering and math. Student participation in SeaVuria projects here in Seattle has also inspired the inception of student-run scholarship programs, supporting the continued education of many Kenyan students that would otherwise be unable to afford the opportunity for advancement.

One Response to Our History:

  1. David says:

    It was great meeting you at the NSELA breakfast. Congratulations on your award.
    I have been working with Kasigau teachers since 2004. I have also done some work in Sagalla. I hope we can collaborate in the near future.
    Dr. David Wojnowski


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