UMass Spark Page

Last Summer, SeaVuria was happy to partner with students in the UMass Amherst iCons program to develop several global-problem case studies for use in the classroom. The case study curriculum, now available for use on our SeaVuria Projects Page, includes the topics of Antibiotic Resistance, Ocean Acidification, Sustainability, and Oil Spills.

In these projects, New Projectsstudents can choose the topic they wish to study, do original research, and communicate their original conclusions outside the classroom. By creating their own research and having a product leave the classroom, students will be invested in their work and feel like they are contributing to the global conversation about the issue.


In addition to making this curriculum available for teachers, the UMass students have now created a Spark Page for independent student learning. Students may use this resource for their own inquiry into a global issue of concern and utilize the iCONS methodology to guide a 5 step approach in their research:

The iCONS case study approach has 5 steps:

  1. Inception: Get background information and connect with the topic.
  2. Engagement: Get a deeper understanding. Identify what you know and questions you still have.
  3. Research: Ask a research question. Develop and test a hypothesis. Draw conclusions from your data.
  4. Create: Create a product to communicate your new understanding.
  5. Reflect: Look back on your work and identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

Wherever students are with their questions, this case study approach can guide them to address a societal problem using science and then share their findings. Learn more by visiting the Spark Page now!

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