SeaVuria Partners with Rotary International!

SeaVuria is partnering with Rotary International on a two-year Vocational Training Team Grant.  Rotary International will fund a team of 7 science, math and technology teachers (the vocational team) to work with the 10 Kenyan SeaVuria schools and 7 Barringo schools to help them improve their teaching techniques from the current didactic approach to one that is interactive, hands-on, relevant, meaningful and engaging.

The goal of the partnership is to equip our Kenyan teacher colleagues with knowledge and skills to positively influence students to see themselves as capable scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.


Students in poor rural Kenya are not able to advance to secondary school nor to college due to their low test scores in math and science. Traditional didactic methodologies for teaching these disciplines are not effective. Research shows that students who can see the relevance of math and science through the use of hands-on, minds-on educational strategies are more successful.


This partnership will train teachers to use relevant tools and best practices to engage students and help them to meet with success in their understanding of math and science, allowing them to be successful in the high stakes assessments and thus advance in their schooling. And that is a win-win!! 🙂


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