Our Scholarships Change Lives.

This year, SeaVuria scholarship programs (Girls to Girls and PETRI)  were able to send 63 Kenyan youth to high school. And the scholarships are paying off.


Marietta Mbinya, a 3-year recipient of a SeaVuria scholarship, earned the top score in all of Taita Taveta County on her college entrance exam, the 2016 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.  This bright young scholar is on her way to a college education; an opportunity that may not have been possible without the financial support of a scholarship.

In rural Kenya, many children drop out of public elementary schools before reaching eighth grade because of unmet needs for school uniforms and shoes, books, pencils, and notebooks. Many families cannot afford to provide their children with the necessities for school.

The cost of private and even public secondary schools is much too high for many Kenyans. A fifth of the populace must get by with less than one euro per day. Only a wealthy minority can afford the expensive private secondary schools, but graduating from a secondary school is a requirement for enrolling in college. Before a child enters ninth grade, it is decided whether he or she will be able to undertake university studies. If not, a child’s education is considered complete after the eighth grade.

Young women face additional challenges when making their way through the school system. Families invest less money in girls’ education, and many Kenyans share traditional views about the role of women in society, seeing them rather as suited solely for marriage, childbirth and raising a family.

We know that scholarships change lives. Because of the amazing work of our Girls to Girls and PETRI Scholarship programs, our generous donors, and their combined passion for creating educational opportunity for all, Marietta is looking at a very bright future.

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