New SeaVuriaForStudents Site!

In creating our original site, SeaVuriaForTeachers, our hope was to create an intuitive and easy-to-use database of web-based resources such as video lectures, student interactives, and content-based games, intended to aid teachers in their math and science pedagogy and aid students in their understanding of challenging concepts.


SeaVuria For Teachers, Physics Resources

Currently, this site is being used by teachers here and in Kenya to find valuable online tools that support student learning in the disciplines of Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and soon we will be adding Primary School Science! 


However, it is one of our mission goals to not only empower teachers to facilitate genuine learning experiences, but also to engage students in real-world STEM applications. We believe this includes not only creating curriculum and the opportunity for hands-on projects, but also providing students with the tools and resources to be successful in their learning and in their creation of products to show and share learning.

Now complete, our SeaVuriaForStudents website will support participating students in both Seattle and Kenya with SeaVuria’s Classroom Projects and the Seattle-based BioExpo and Kenyan Science Congress Science Fairs.



Tools include web-based resources for research, videos of past student projects and presentations, and online applications for the production of final products that not only demonstrate learning but can potentially reach a global audience. Students need to know that the work they do matters, makes an impact, and can create change.






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